The Back (pocket) Story

Over the course of two decades as a 1st and 2nd AD I have enjoyed seeing the film industry get greener and more environmentally responsible.  And yet, I continued to see ream after ream of legal paper purchased for call sheet distribution.  I decided to look for a way to neutralize or offset that "necessary waste."

The Miracle AD Wallet was born. 

Partnering with Plant-It 2020 to bring the $1 tree to dozens of countries world-wide, I found the avenue I was looking for—not only to re-forest and re-vegetate, but also to reduce poverty and pollution while increasing the sustainability of the world's forests—and people.

Teaching Walkie Etiquette at a very early age.

Teaching Walkie Etiquette at a very early age.

Reduce Film Production Waste

  • Distribute electronically whenever possible
  • Double sided & 2-page view (Or both!)
    • Maps and safety memos on the same page?
  • Inflate the "value" of your sides & order fewer of them
  • Encourage the election of a Green Team member from each department.  There's a Shop Steward, why not an Earth Steward?

Do you have other suggestions?  Email me (link below) and I'll update this page.

Plant It 2020

Please look at the great projects that the people of Plant It 2020 have started around the globe.

In 2015 alone, Miracle AD Wallet purchases were responsible for the planting of 100 trees, having the potential to offset 17 tons of carbon. (Source: