About the Non-Profit Miracle

As responsible film makers, all of us try to make each project greener.  And yet, the industry isn't perfect.  Teamsters idle.  Water bottles stack up.  ADs use ream after ream for prelims, call sheets and maps. 

At Miracle AD Wallet, our goal is to offset this waste of paper.  The purchase of each Miracle AD Wallet puts 100% of the profit into re-foresting efforts in the US and World Wide.  Partnering with Plant-It 2020, a volunteer-based organization that performs worldwide tree-planting and provides forestry, soil, and biochar education around the globe, Miracle AD Wallet hopes to help lower the industry's carbon footprint and start limiting the industry's contribution to climate change.

Since 2013, Miracle AD Wallet was responsible for the planting of hundreds and hundreds of trees and furthered the progress of climate education worldwide. 

The solution is out there...  But it'll take a Miracle.  You can do your part.

See Plantit2020.org for information about how to donate or volunteer.


Miracle AD Wallet LLC

Miracle AD Wallet LLC is a not for profit LLC putting tri-fold wallets into the back pockets of the globally responsible ADs and PAs.

Profits support Plant It 2020 foundation,  dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible worldwide.

Managing Member & CEO

Kyle LeMire has been a DGA AD since the 90's.  Working on dozens feature films, commercials and TV shows, he has happily seen the industry get greener and greener. 

Since founding Miracle AD Wallet in 2013, Kyle has continued to live and work between Portland and Los Angeles.